UDIA NSW 2024 Committee

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Dec 2023

By Mecone

By Mecone

Exciting news! Mecone is thrilled to announce our team’s strong presence in shaping the future of urban development.  

We are proud to have eight of our talented members appointed to the UDIA NSW 2024 Committee.

🌟 Ben Hendriks:
Make Planning Work Committee
🌟 Ian Cady:
Urban Renewal, BTR, TOD & Local Town Centres Committee
🌟 Tom Cook:
Industrial and Employment Lands Committee
🌟 Martin Karm:
Central Coast Chapter Committee
🌟 Chris Shannon:
New Western Sydney Committee
🌟 Georgia Sedgmen:
Greenfield Land Development Committee
🌟 Gemma Bassett:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
🌟 Benjamin Frasco:
Young Leaders Committee

From tackling planning challenges to advocating for policies and the industry’s growth, we are committed to contributing valuable insights and driving positive change.