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Mosaic is an interactive mapping tool for Australian urban and regional planning use, designed to give any project a technical edge

Elevate your projects with tangible data and insights using Mosaic’s street view, satellite imagery, cadastre data, ABS data and land use planning controls Australia wide.

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Designed by urban planning strategists and built for strategic land use planning. We created Mosaic to facilitate Australians in building better, brighter, stronger projects.

  • Data layers

    From land zoning, to housing, population densities and projections, data layers help you visualise the statistics in your specified area.

  • Plan your projects

    Mosaic equips you with the data and analytics you need to create better projects. Locate and plan your next project with clearer insights.

  • Site specific data

    Mosaic provides property level data and information giving you the technical edge to take your project further.

  • Tools and functions

    Mosaic’s integrated, easy to use planning tools make your work more efficient, insightful and thoughtful. Take advantage of automated site reports, drawing tools, built in screen capture and more.

Start planning with Mosaic

Access unique features, dynamic data and refined analytics with Mosaic. The platform is free to use with new premium features launching soon.

Mosaic Free


per week

  • Site and zoning information
  • Site snapshot PDF export
  • Planning and statistical layers
  • Mapping and measurement tools
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Mosaic Plus


per week

  • All features of Mosaic Free
  • No monthly quotas
  • Unlimited site and zoning information
  • Unlimited site snapshot PDF exports
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Mosaic Pro


per week

  • All features of Mosaic Plus
  • MOSAIC Pro's Insights
  • NSW Development Application Insights
  • NSW Property sales and value records
  • MOSAIC Pro's Data Catalogue
  • MOSAIC Pro's Workbench
  • 30 day risk-free trial
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