Balancing the needs of people and the natural environment

We are committed to the creation of better urban environments that uniquely meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders.

Located in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Mecone’s diverse team of over 50 professionals have contributed industry-leading experience and knowledge to some of Australia’s largest and most complex urban planning and development projects.

Built on the founding principle of equilibrium, Mecone has a commitment to balancing human needs and the natural environment – providing practical, economically viable and sustainable solutions to complex planning problems. We share a motivation to innovate, collaborate and problem solve, facilitating the development of thriving urban and regional spaces.

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Our History

Mecone’s story originates from Greek mythology and exemplifies the need to find balance between human needs and the natural environment. ‘Mecone’ is a mythical Greek city  where humans came into conflict with the gods, resulting in the gods taking fire away from humans – humankind’s most precious natural resource.

Mecone opened
Melbourne opened
Western Sydney opened
Brisbane opened
MOSAIC launched
Mecone opened in the Central West

“​​Planning is all about finding the balance, getting the best outcomes for our clients, community and the environment.”


Ben Hendriks

Ben founded Mecone in 2008 with the goal of bringing the industry innovative & sustainable urban planning solutions that would help to shape better communities. Ben is an industry veteran with over 20 years of hands-on experience. He has established himself as a leading expert in strategic planning, master planning, and urban design, aiding in the implementation of large scale projects across Australia. 

Under Ben’s leadership, the company has grown to become one of Australia’s leading urban planning firms, working on projects across a range of sectors, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure.


We take a bespoke and personalised approach to planning, ensuring the equilibrium between people and the environment are considered every step of the way.

  • We are grounded by the equilibrium
    From how we collaborate to how we reimagine cities, we equally consider all the moving parts. We are grounded in our desire to uniquely meet the needs of humankind and the natural environment.
  • We are persistent in our delivery
    At Mecone, we persistently deliver high-quality outcomes. Working in collaboration with our clients, we aspire to understand the project, the vision, the obstacles, and the ultimate outcomes. With this knowledge and transparency we make it our mission to think beyond the ordinary and always deliver a viable solution.
  • We are innovators and problem solvers
    Our diverse team are our best asset. They are incredibly forward-thinking, creative and solutions-focused. Utilising the latest tech, our custom-built urban analytics platform, Mosaic, and training, we work together to create ground breaking solutions to your most complex problems.
  • We are an inclusive and fair workplace
    We are a collective of 6 respective teams across 4 offices. More than that we are a community who share a mutual fascination with reshaping Australia’s future. In all facets of our operations we work and hire inclusively, equally valuing the opinions, ideas and vision of every team member, partner and client.

The diverse perspectives and talent of Mecone are what enable us to  thrive and deliver the greatest impact in our communities.

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