Congratulations to our recently promoted staff!

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Jul 2023

By Mecone

By Mecone

Join us in congratulating our talented team members on their well-earned advancements:

🌟 Rubin Winograd – Director, Melbourne
🌟 Connor Mackenzie – Associate Director, Policy & Analytics
🌟 Harrison Depczynski – Associate, Sydney
🌟 Mandy Tang – Senior Planner, Melbourne
🌟 Victor Casasanta – Planner, Western Sydney
🌟 Ali Baburi – Planner, Western Sydney

At Mecone, we believe in recognizing and nurturing talent within our organization. These promotions highlight our commitment to providing growth opportunities and fostering a dynamic and supportive environment for our team members.

Please join us in celebrating their achievements and wishing them continued success in their new roles!