40-52 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park

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Sep 2022

By Mecone

By Mecone

Mecone is proud to have assisted LaSalle Investment Management on securing approval for the redevelopment of a key site at Macquarie Park.

In August the Sydney North Planning Panel approved the DA for the redevelopment of the site for a commercial office development of three building envelopes of up to 37,500 m2 total GFA. Concept approval was secured for two buildings, with a detailed consent for Building A. The building range from 7-9 storeys and have up to 5 basement parking levels.

The proposal includes a central landscaped recreation space which will strengthen remnant plant and tree communities on the site. The buildings open on to this space, with active lower ground level uses.

Particular successes on this project were addressing the site’s 10m level change, negotiation of the VPA package, plus resolving the mitigation planting scheme and resolution of feedback from the Design Review Panel.

Well done to everyone who assisted!

Illustrative images sourced from Sissons