Central Barangaroo

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Feb 2024

By Mecone

By Mecone

Mecone are pleased to be working with Aqualand on the amended Concept Plan for Central Barangaroo (MOD 9).  

The modification will complete the final stage of the urban renewal of Barangaroo, delivering up to seven mixed use buildings capable of supporting a range of world class retail, commercial and residential uses adjacent to the new Barangaroo Metro Station.

Mecone were engaged to advise Aqualand on planning risk, strategy, and impact mitigation measures and to work with SJB to guide the refined proposal and compile the amended Concept Plan ‘Response to Submissions’ report.

The amendments include increased open space and public domain, removal of the previously proposed tower element and general refinement of the building envelopes. A key proposition of the amended Concept Plan was explaining the design evolution since the original 2006 Concept Plan, the changing strategic context arising from the new Metro Rail station and the extensive public benefits to be delivered.