23 Regent Street, Yarraville

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Dec 2023

By Mecone

By Mecone

What a great way to finish 2023!    

Mecone is proud to have assisted Carland Constructions in securing planning approval (by mediation at VCAT) for their passive family house at 23 Regent Street Yarraville.

It is these projects that bring the most joy. Every part of the design had context in mind taking into consideration the air quality in the inner west, heritage of the area and interpretation of the former use.

The site was previously used as the Yarraville Pigeon House (club) which was established in the 1930’s and closed in 2019 and a number of heritage hurdles existed during the process.

Working closely with Altereco Design, the project for a new two storey passive dwelling was designed to resemble a ‘birdhouse’ to reflect the previous land use.

We are looking forward to seeing the ‘Birdhouse’ built and we are positive that it will make a lasting contribution to the heritage context and provides story telling of the former Club.

We also learnt a great deal about Passive Homes along this journey . Passive homes offer better resilience to external climate factors such as extreme temperatures, storms, and fluctuations in humidity.