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Aug 2022

By Mecone

By Mecone

The largest growth areas of the last 10 years have not just been people, or homes or cars, but data. There is now so much data available it can be hard to:

  • provide one source of truth,
  • develop a data catalogue that is routinely and efficiently updated from multiple sources
  • establish an approved data set for enterprise-wide use
  • ensure data is consistently applied across projects to establish comparable decision making and/or prioritisation of projects.

Added to this, many land use planning agencies and organisations are slow adopters of technology, often dealing in data collection and dissemination via paper-based processes or, at best, digital dashboards that cannot be used in any practicable way. We also know that land use planning data consistency across jurisdictions, and across time, add a level of complexity and risks that can be hard to navigate.

Our approach will involve extract, transform and load, which is a data integration process that combines data from multiple data sources into a single, consistent data store that is loaded into a data warehouse or other target system. This approach is used to populate databases from heterogeneous data sources.

Mecone’s Scope of Works

Mecone has been engaged to provide a select number of MOSAIC data layers for NSW, VIC, QLD to Stockland’s data repository. These data layers are of open licence and Mecone is essentially taking on a data brockage role. We extract the data layers from fragmented sources, do a number of necessary alignment and transformation, and load the outcome to client’s desired repository. All datasets will be accompanied by rich metadata which will include information such as:

  • Data Dictionary
  • Spatial Extent
  • Spatial Reference ID (SRID). [aka CRS: Coordinate Reference System]. (This is essentially a universal code to identify coordinate reference system of spatial files and is crucial for harmonising different layers of data)
  • Date stamp
  • Licence type
  • Link to the provider (Data Custodian)

This project capitalises to a great extent on Mecone’s Integrated Data Optimisation Solution (MIDOS) depicted below: