507 Kessels Road, Macgregor

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Jul 2022

By Mecone

By Mecone

Mecone is pleased to have assisted our client in achieving approval for a service station, shop, and food and drink outlet at 507 Kessels Road and 539 – 541 Mains Road, Macgregor.

Historically a service station site, 507 Kessels Road was resumed by DTMR for the major upgrade of the Kessels Road and Main Road intersection. In the construction of the intersection, only a minor portion of the Kessels Road frontage was dedicated and the balance of the site was made available for purchase. Our client, the owner of the adjoining site, saw an opportunity to amalgamate 507 Kessels Road and 539 – 541 Mains Road to establish a service station, convenience shop, and fast-food outlet.

In addition to the standard challenges associated with an application for a service station and fast-food outlet in the low density residential zone, the key challenge for the proposal was achieving appropriate access to the site to provide for the servicing and ongoing operation of the use. For the greatest operational efficiency, the proposal required left in/left out access from both Kessels Road (a Limited Access Road) and Mains Road (a Council Arterial Road), and both within the operational intersection.

Ultimately, DTMR were not satisfied that the access from Kessels Road could be supported, and the application was taken to the Planning and Environment Court. During proceedings, Mullins Lawyers and the team of experts were able to convince the Court to allow for a left in only access from Kessels Road (Limited Access Road) for service vehicles, with the Mains Road access serving the balance of visitors to the site. The outcome provides for the operational viability of the development and is a win for the client.

Mecone assisted the client through the concept development, planning and development assessment process and expert witness representation. We were pleased to work with the following team of consultants and experts:

  • Mullins Lawyers
  • Pekol Traffic and Transport
  • O’Neill Architecture
  • Citicene
  • MWA Environmental
  • Bligh Tanner
  • DMA Engineers
  • Arbor Australis

Image courtesy of O’Neill Architecture