Property Finding Analytics

Finding development ready lands can be cumbersome and inefficient process. However, with the aid of modern technology it does not have to be. Mecone Group was engaged by a well-respected property development group to identify a long list of potential development sites that align to their bespoke criteria and to filter out land that are unlikely to be developed at all due to State level environmental constraints.  

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    Freedom Property Development

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    Multiple LGA's

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    Martin Karm

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About the project

Mecone developed and ran spatial queries to lands across several South East Queensland LGAs to rapidly identify lands that could potentially be suitable for property development and aligned to South East Queensland’s land use planning framework.   


Netting an initial return of ~4000 properties, the team quickly identified ~100 property lots that could be candidates for potential property development following application of environmental constraints. The results were shown spatially in Mecone’s MOSAIC tool for local due diligence, validation, and further sieving analysis.  


A quick and efficient process, leveraging off modern technology and local planning expertise, this data-driven and spatial approach allows urban planners, developers, property buyers and policymakers to make informed decisions that have a tangible impact on our city and regional town developments.