New Private Hospital, Canterbury Road, Campsie

Mecone has successfully secured revised controls to facilitate the beneficial intensification of this site.

  • LGAS

    City of Canterbury-Bankstown Council

  • Size

    Private hospital development of up to 10 storeys (approx. 22,500 sqm GFA)

  • Value

    $125,000,000 approx.

  • Sector


  • Services

    Urban Planning

  • Office


  • Team

    Paul Keywood

  • Completed

  • Photography

    Dickson Rothschild

About the project

Mecone has been working with Hailiang Property Group (HPG) to lead the planning processes required to secure changes to planning controls to facilitate the development of a private hospital on land within Campsie Town Centre.

The existing site controls limited building height to 12 metres in the B6 Enterprise Corridor. Mecone led the preparation of the Planning Proposal documentation, working with HPG and project team to prepare the strategic and site-specific merit justifications. This involved close working with Council to address queries relating to urban design, traffic impact, flooding, access and other environmental considerations – such as solar access and noise. Ultimately, Council was prepared to accept the changes to controls (specifically for a hospital use) to a 44.1m (RL 72.75m) height control and FSR of 5.1:1.

Mecone and the HPG team prepared the site-specific DCP and negotiated the details with Council. Similarly, the letter of offer for the VPA package was prepared and refined.

The planning proposal received Gateway determination from DPE and the changes to the Canterbury-Bankstown LEP 2023 were Gazetted in August 2023. The Gazettal marks a critical milestone in the intended redevelopment of the site for a new private hospital serving the LGA.

Mecone coordinated the planning proposal preparation and negotiations with Council, and provided on-going planning and tactical advice to enable resolution of issues and queries arising. A summary of the main actions and activities is provided as follows:

  • Preparation of planning proposal documentation, including strategic and site-specific merit justification
  • Coordination and review of technical reports
  • Addressing RFI matters from Council
  • Presenting to LPP and Council meetings to secure in-principle agreement
  • Working with Council to refine PP wording and prepare site-specific DCP
  • Negotiations with Council on the VPA offer and wording within the draft VPA
  • Preparation of SSDA Scoping Report
  • Securing Gateway determination and Gazettal of LEP changes.
  • Submissions to emerging Campsie Town Centre Masterplan policy framework.