Leppington Town Centre Review

Leppington Town Centre is  new Strategic Centre located on the border of the Camden and Liverpool local government areas.

About the project

Mecone has been engaged by Camden and Liverpool Council to review planning controls in Leppington Town Centre due to the slow development response since the initial rezoning, and to improve the feasibility of the town centre as a result of changes to the strategic context. This review implements relevant actions in the Region Plan, the District Plan and the Camden Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

Mecone worked with LFA, Turf Landscape Architects and a suite of other specialists to provide consolidated advice to Council with respect to this review. Mecone’s scope of works included:

  • Preparation of new consolidated precinct DCP reflective of the scale and density of the Town Centre. This DCP includes comprehensive controls representing best practice outcomes
  • Development of an Urban Design Strategy, reflecting the updates to the indicative layout plan, open space and street deigns
  • Preparation of a consolidated Planning Proposal
  • Development of a social infrastructure strategy
  • Significant stakeholder engagement and project management