Analysis of parking policies for the Greater Sydney Commission’s LSP Assurance Review

Following the release of the Greater Sydney Commission’s District Plans, councils in Greater Sydney are in the process of preparing Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPS) which set out a 20 year vision for land use in local communities.

About the project

The Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) is leading an assurance review process to support councils in the preparation of their LSPS and Mecone has been assisting in this process.
In assisting the GSC through its assurance reviews, it was identified that a comparative analysis of car parking rates and provision in North Sydney and other similar centres would be useful. This would enable the gathering of evidence and data which could be used to address parking and congestion issues in North Sydney, where concerns regarding significant flows of regional traffic and parking access have been raised by the community.

Mecone was engaged to undertake a comparison of car parking provisions in selected centres across Greater Sydney, including North Sydney, Parramatta, Liverpool, St Leonards, Chatswood and Sydney CBD. The review analysed a range of public policy, transport and population data that can impact the accessibility of car parking and the overall performance of strategic centres. This included:

  • Current and future employment and residential population;
  • Level of transport accessibility;
  • Travel mode share (at LGA level);
  • Land use mix and density;
  • Pedestrian and cyclist amenity;
  • Quality of public domain;
  • Existing car parking controls; and
  • Public parking provisions (Short term, long term, onstreet and offstreet).