Urban Graphics and Mapping

Mecone’s graphic designers produce high quality graphics and mapping to convey often very complex planning information and concepts in a clear, concise and attractive way.

Graphics produced by our graphic design consultants  have been used by the NSW Government in promoting the Sydney Metro project and used in major public-facing maps, such as Brisbane train and bus network maps.

Key capabilities:

  • GIS mapping – including GIS mapping for Local Environmental Plan (LEP) amendments
  • Interactive mapping – web maps allowing users without GIS to access spatial information
  • Transport mapping – schematic and geographical maps for public transport as well as road projects and development sites
  • Thematic mapping – representing Census or other statistical data visually
  • Geospatial and statistical analyses – analyses based on geographically-located data
  • Fieldwork-based mapping – such as land use surveys, which can then be presented with interactive mapping
  • Constraints analyses – identification of suitable sites by eliminating constraints
  • Reports and document layouts (e.g. compilation of vision statements)
  • Plans (such as master plans and land use)
  • Infographics – graphical presentation of statistical and other data that would otherwise be represented by dull figures in a table or text

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