Parramatta Light Rail Value Capture

Parramatta Light Rail Value Capture

Client Transport for NSW
LGA Various
Size Approximately 6km
Value TBC
Sector Land use and transport planning
Service Land use planning
Project management

Team Members

Ben Hendriks
Lee Mulvey
Emma Burke
Joseph Bell



Mecone was engaged by Transport for NSW to identify land use change as a result of the Parramatta Light Rail project and to evaluate the value capture mechanisms available for the project.

Mecone led the consulting team for Land Use Planning for the Parramatta Light Rail project and worked in conjunction with other consulting firms such as LUTI Consulting.

Scope of Works

Mecone’s involvement included planning investigations and project management services including:

  • Create lot-level modelling of land use for base case current, base case capacity and intervention case;
  • Compile and consolidate uplift proposals and plans in the PLR study area to inform land use modelling;
  • Identify additional sites and localities suitable for uplift; and
  • Provision of advice relating to utilising value capture mechanisms to fund the project.

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