374-382 New South Head Road, Double Bay

374-382 New South Head Road, Double Bay

Client Fivex Pty Ltd
LGA Woollahra Council
Size Floor Space Ratio up to 4.5:1, 6 storey building
Value TBC
Sector Residential
Service Strategic Planning
Planning Proposal


Team Members

Lauren McMahon
Addison Boykin


The planning proposal approved for the site has permitted an increased density of the site to allow for an increase in height (from 14.7m to 23.5m – up to 6 storeys) and FSR (from 2.5:1 and 3:1 to 4.5:1), which will create additional commercial and residential floor space in the Double Bay Town Centre.

The Double Bay Town Centre features a range of uses and local amenities including retail shops, cafes, commercial and residential land uses. The amended controls will enable a true ‘gateway’ building to the Double Bay Town Centre that provide additional housing and jobs in a local centre with good access to public transport, services and facilities.

Scope of Works

Mecone have provided a numer of urban planning services for the redevelopment, including:

  • Preparing a Planning Proposal to increase the Floor Space Ratio and Building Height of the site;
  • Preparing draft Local Environemnt Plan controls for the site;
  • Assisting with the preparation of a Voluntary Planning Agreement; and
  • Assisting with approval process for the Planning Proposal.

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