Sydney City Centre Access Strategy


The Sydney City Centre Access Strategy was prepared in 2013 as a key action of the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan. It is a 20 year plan showing how people will access and move in and
around the CBD. It provides directions on how Sydney’s light rail, buses, trains, ferries, cars, taxis, pedestrians and cyclists will work together and interact in the Sydney CBD, with the aim of reducing congestion, providing for future growth and improving the customer experience.

Mecone was appointed as the Program Director for the initial stages of the study and worked with a large team of specialist consultants that also included a high level steering committee made up of DDGs and GMs of Transport for NSW.

Scope of Works

Mecone’s engagement included:

  • Project governance;
  • Managing staff;
  • Managing and providing advice on engagement of key consultants;
  • Review and management of the preparation of expert reports; and
  • Liaison with key stakeholders and agencies.

Project Facts

Client: Transport for NSW

LGAs: City of Sydney

Size: Sydney CBD

Value: TBC

Sector: Land use, transport planning

Services: Land use planning, project management

Team Members

Ben Hendriks

Image courtesy of Transport for NSW

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