GPOP Growth Infrastructure Compact


The Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula (known as GPOP) is the focus of the Greater Sydney Commission’s Central River City, and key to realising the 3 cities vision which was adopted by the NSW Government in the Greater Sydney Region Plan of February 2018.

GPOP is forecast to experience significant growth over the next 40 years, alongside the delivery of catalytic infrastructure investment. In July 2017, the Greater Sydney Commission announced the Growth Infrastructure Compact (GIC) model, a place-based approach to investment decision making that provides certainty and clarity to State and local government, residents and investors that growth will be effectively coordinated and managed. At the same time the GIC model was announced, a pilot GIC was announced for GPOP.

Scope of Works

Mecone worked as the lead consultant of a multi-disciplinary team engaged by the client to undertake Phase 1 of the GPOP GIC Pilot. The GIC Pilot involved the development of 5 future land use scenarios and forecasts over 10, 20 and 40-year horizons. This has then been used as a consistent information base for infrastructure and service agencies in the next phases of the GPOP GIC process.
Works included:

  • Leading a team of planning, urban design, and economic advisory specialists;
  • Developing a base case and four future land use scenarios;
  • Defining strategic-level ‘macro assumptions’ underpinning each scenario, in view of the Greater Sydney Region Plan and Future Transport Strategy; and
  • Preparing demand forecasts for each scenario with planning, design and market inputs.

Project Facts

Client: Greater Sydney Commission

LGAs: Multiple

Size: Approx. 6,000 ha

Value: N/A

Sector: Policy and Urban Analytics

Services: Integrated land use and transport planning

Team Members

Ben Hendriks
Joseph Bell
Winston Yang
Will Sullivan

Image courtesy of Greater Sydney Commission

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