Winston Yang


Winston has over eight years of experience in the planning and transport industries, having worked in both private consultancies and the NSW State Government.

Winston has a particular interest in transport planning and his expertise extends beyond planning alone. Winston incorporates his abilities in graphic design, statistical analysis and GIS analysis into his planning work, which he utilises together to enhance planning outcomes and to present a clearer image for any project. He is particularly adept at taking complex textual and tabular planning information and presenting it in easy-to-understand and visually attractive graphical formats such as infographics and maps.

Prior to Mecone, Winston worked at various transport planning consultancies and was responsible for the design of a number of high-profile projects, including the creation of new train and bus network maps for Brisbane as well as the train network map for Melbourne and Victoria.

During his time at the NSW Department of Planning, Winston worked on a wide variety of projects, including the transition to the Standard Instrument for Local Environmental Plans, major infrastructure assessments and the draft Sydney Subregional Strategies.

At Mecone, Winston has been involved in several major public transport projects, conducting GIS analyses, land-use forecast modelling, city-shaping analyses as well as producing graphical collateral, both for State Government and private operators.

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