Rubin Winograd


Rubin is a planner with experience across the public and private sectors in Victoria. His prior experience in both sectors has seen Rubin apply his planning skills and expertise to achieve desired outcomes.

With almost six years in local government, Rubin gained a solid foundation of the nuances that is statutory planning in Victoria. At local government, Rubin represented the Council as an advocate at VCAT and was successful in running community consultations and taking the lead in implementation and monitoring internal changes within the department.

Rubin left the public sector with a wealth of knowledge and took his skill set to work for a highly regarded inner city planning consultancy. In his time in the private sector, Rubin was able to apply his knowledge of local government to assist clients in navigating the somewhat complicated and lengthy process of statutory planning. After years in both sectors, Rubin has gained valuable experience in understanding the relationship between the private and public sectors.

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