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Mecone is a leading urban planning firm with offices in Sydney CBD, Western Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and regional NSW.


We take a bespoke and personalised approach to planning, ensuring the equilibrium between people and the environment are considered every step of the way.

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Made up of the industry’s best and brightest minds. The Mecone team are experts in the delivery of human-centric, evidence-based, sustainable solutions that uniquely meet the needs of your project.

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Urban Planning

Urban Planning is the key to creating better urban outcomes. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve this.

Our adept team of planners offer statutory planning, strategic planning, precinct planning advice, development assessment, and community needs analysis services to help our clients realise their project vision and goals.

  • How we can help

    We work across a range of sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure, to create practical and visionary urban planning solutions that meet the needs of the community and the environment.

    Our approach is centered around collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to the delivery of high-quality outcomes for our clients.

    • Statutory and Strategic planning advice
    • Planning coordination
    • Highest and best use analysis
    • Property portfolio review and advice
    • Planning due diligence
    • Advice on contributions frameworks
    • Planning Project management
    • Social Impact Assessment
    • Design Competitions
    • Planning Approval
    • Expert planning representation at Court, Tribunals or other planning panels

Policy + Analytics

As trusted Government advisors, Mecone’s expert policy and analytics team provide a diversity of planning services to public sector clientele. 

We offer evidence-based strategic advice, backed by expert data analytics. With our industry leading geospatial land use capacity model, we are well-placed to assist clients in scenario planning and investigating opportunities for land use change and rehabilitation.

  • How we can help

    Our policy and analytics offering includes the development of long-term land use and infrastructure strategies. We can offer evidence-based advice on a diverse range of planning policy matters including housing, employment and infrastructure to assist our clients with the objectives, vision and goals of any project.

    • Policy development
    • Plan making & assessment services
    • Integrated transport & land use
    • Technology & analytics
    • Social Planning


Our Plantech stream offers highly effective data and technology tools and resources, to facilitate the development of urban and regional planning solutions. 

Backed by leading technology, we assist our clients in making informed urban policy and planning decisions that give them a technical and analytical edge.

  • How we can help

    Mosaic is an interactive mapping tool by Mecone for people looking for land use development solutions. Mosaic can be used for exploring planning controls and unique council development controls (such floor space ratios, height of buildings, cadastre, environmental layers like flooding and bushfire prone lands and much more). Mosaic is a free digital tool customised to meet the needs of both the private and public sectors.

    Mecone’s Plantech team was developed in response to the need to collect, curate and merge data from multiple web based sources into their own centralised data repository. 

    Mecone cuts the manual chore of data heavy work and processing by routinely updating data from multiple sources. By engaging Mecone, you can spend time doing more important strategic analysis for your next project or policy work. Easily access thousands of data sets and leverage the power of our continual collection, development and maintenance of data with Mecone. 

    • GIS mapping
    • Technology services
    • Transport mapping
    • Thematic mapping
    • Geospatial and statistical analysis
    • Fieldwork-based mapping
    • Constraints analysis
    • Infographics
    • Extract Transform and Load (ETL)
    • Front-end data delivery and visualisation tools

Case Studies


Ipswich to Springfield Rail Corridor City Shaping

South East Queensland is home to over 3.5 million people. It is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation and a vital component to accommodating Australia’s sustained population growth. In 2017 the Queensland Government identified and protected a public transport corridor between Ipswich and Springfield via Ripley. When complete, the project will support population and economic growth and deliver the Government’s long-term vision for the South East Queensland rail network.

In the development of a business case for Ipswich Council, Mecone were tasked investigate and report on the city shaping transformative opportunities that could be unlocked from heavy rail transport investment in the corridor. This included identifying the economic, social and sustainability benefits that could be achieved by better connections within the LGA to the wider region. Mecone’s task included:

  • Investigating and analysing the travel patterns, employment and socio-economic profile of Ipswich LGA residents and workers;
  • Working with urban designers Roberts Day to understand and quantify how current transport constraints may limit the realisation of the land use vision for the Ripley Valley growth area;
  • Identifying how connecting the two employment centres of Ipswich and Springfield would improve their economic relationship and benefit the brader region;
  • Mapping the expansion of the 30-minute city across the corridor;
  • Presenting City Shaping concepts with clear graphics, maps and in a concise report.

Moore Point

Moore Point is a 32.5 hectare precinct located directly east of Liverpool CBD. It sits within the broader 38 hectare Georges River North Precinct defined by the Liverpool Collaboration Area Place Strategy. The site contains industrial uses and is bound by the Georges River and Lake Moore on its western, northern and eastern boundaries. In 2020, Mecone lodged a consolidated planning proposal on behalf of Coronation Property Co and Leamac Property Group to rezone the land from industrial to mixed-use and recreation. The planning proposal will create a vibrant mixed-use precinct as expressed in a range of local and State planning policies.

The proposal will fulfill a number of objectives for Liverpool including revitalisation of the Georges River to create a linear open space network to Haigh Park, improved access to the site via bridge crossings from Liverpool Train Station and Liverpool Innovation Precinct, retention of heritage assets to create a Heritage Quarter, capacity for a new primary school and a range of sites capable of accommodating a mix of residential, commercial, hotel and community uses.

Mecone has been working with the client since 2018 to develop a planning strategy and approval process for the site. Scope of works have included:

  • Preparation of various planning reports including strategic assessment, infrastructure funding and rezoning advice, approval pathways, various memos on targeted planning issues, waterfront strategy, site-specific DCP and demographic analysis,
  • Lodgement of a detailed planning proposal package including planning proposal report and mapping,
  • Negotiation with Council officers, presentations to Councillors and representations to the Department of Planning and Environment,
  • Planning coordination and management of a multi-disciplinary consultant team to resolve key issues and progress the planning proposal to exhibition.

Mosaic is an interactive mapping tool for Australian urban and regional planning use, designed to give any project a technical edge.

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