Western Sydney and the Challenges to its Growth

Western Sydney has overtaken Eastern Sydney both in terms of population and the rate of population growth. By 2036, it is anticipated that Western Sydney will have 700,000 more residents compared to Eastern Sydney. On 11 May, UDIA NSW held a luncheon to discuss the growth of Western Sydney and some of the challenges that will need to be overcome to allow for the development that will accommodate this growth.

As guest speaker for the day, utilising the data from newly-launched Mecone’s Residential Development Review, I presented some key findings about the shortfall of both housing completions and land supply in Sydney. This contrasts with Melbourne, where housing completions are exceeding the forecast demand. Our analysis of property prices in Sydney also shows that Western Sydney is vital in the provision of affordable housing in Sydney, with the median price in Eastern Sydney almost double the median of Western Sydney. I also highlighted three key challenges facing the development of Western Sydney – addressing the jobs deficit and getting the right mix in new suburbs; servicing zoned land; and land fragmentation.



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