Western Sydney Aerotropolis

Recently, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment released a suite of planning documentation related to the next stage of planning for the Aerotropolis. Mecone has taken the time to review the documents released to understand how it will affect development and land use on the ground, and what the implications are for landowners.

Some of the key takeaways are:

  • A new SEPP will define precinct boundaries, and apply land use zones and strategic objectives for those zones. Interestingly, the Department has taken an innovative approach to land use zoning in the Aerotropolis and is proposing only four zones in the developable areas of the Aerotropolis (Agribusiness, Environment & Recreation, Enterprise, and Mixed Use). A supplementary 3 infrastructure and special activity zones will apply elsewhere, for example on the actual Airport site.
  • More detailed Precinct Plans will be created for each precinct, for which development applications must then align with. This higher level approach to zoning will remove the issues of small boundary adjustments and zoning anomalies which have occurred in other emerging areas, such as the growth centres.
  • A Stage 1 DCP has been released which outlines precinct planning principles, objectives, and performance outcomes for development. The Stage 2 release will establish ‘acceptable solutions’ to the performance solutions for which development will be assessed against. This represents a more flexible approach to the traditional approach of minimum and maximum numerical standards across most NSW Development Control Plans.
  • An optional Master Plan process will be established where landowners can provided ‘granular details’ of land across a site where, if approved, may allow for the use other planning pathways for subsequent development such as Complying Development.
  • Proponents may prepare site-specific DCP’s where they wish to advance development ahead of Precinct Planning. In these cases, it will be possible to lodge a DA concurrently.

Mecone has been involved and assisted Government in land use planning for the Western Parkland City for a number of years, and congratulates the Department on achieving this milestone. We look forward to more information being released in mid-2020.

For anyone with an interest in the Aerotropolis, contact our office on (02) 8667 8668 to understand how this release affects you in more detail.


Images courtesy of NSW Government.

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