Mecone Welcomes Will Sullivan

Welcome to Will Sullivan, Senior Consultant in our Sydney and Western Sydney Offices.

Will has recently completed a Master of Property Development at UTS and has a strong interest in the opportunity and complexity of urban planning at all scales from strategic plans to individual projects. He works between our Sydney and Western Sydney office, principally within the policy and urban analytics area, but also assisting in respect to GIS, graphics and other strategic projects.

Will has worked in various roles combining science, technology, business, and real-world applications over the last 10 years. He has developed significant expertise in sophisticated data analysis and custom model building to understand critical business issues. At Insurance Australia Group, Will worked on catastrophe modelling to understand the company’s exposures to rare and extreme natural disasters, contributing his scientific and mathematical understanding to reinsurance decisions worth billions of dollars. Will also worked in the real estate industry on automatic valuation of residential properties and matching of potential home sellers to local real estate agents. Will also created an innovative web app displaying a dynamic interactive weather forecast map based on real-time data.

Welcome Will!


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