Place and Design SEPP Explanation of Intended Effect – Mecone Review

The NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment have released their Explanation of Intended Effect (EOIE) for the Place and Design State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP). While the detail will be developed over the coming months, the announcement represents one of the most significant policy overhauls for the planning and design residential apartment and mixed-use development across the State.

To assist you with this major update, Mecone has prepared a succinct overview of the EOIE including application of the SEPP, key components, comparison of changes with the current ADG and an overview of the UDG.

The SEPP proposes to:

  • Establish mandatory matters for consideration and application requirements;
  • Provide a single point of reference for design considerations and performance criteria;
  • Define scales of development including precincts, significant development and other;
  • Be supported by a revised Apartment Design Guide (ADG), a new Urban Design Guide (UDG) and other guidance documents; and
  • Repeal SEPP 65 and SEPP BASIX.

Click here to find the Mecone presentation.

The Department is currently exhibiting the Explanation of Intended Effect (EOIE) until 31 March 2021, with plans to exhibit the draft SEPP along with the suite of policy documents in late 2021. You can view the EOIE in the link below:

Click here to find the Explanation of Intended Effect document.

Please contact Mecone if you wish to discuss any aspect of the EOIE.


Public Exhibition is now extended until 28 April 2021.

Image courtesy of NSW Government

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