Mosaic Victoria

Today we are proud to announce a huge milestone in the story of Mosaic, the innovative online planning tool launched by Mecone in 2018. Mosaic now covers Victoria in addition to New South Wales, bringing half of Australia’s population into the online platform. Mosaic is following the pattern set by Mecone’s consulting expansion and outgrowth from Sydney to Melbourne and beyond. Mosaic is always free to use so check it out today.

Because the planning systems of NSW and VIC are completely different, the list of layers changes in each state. Users in NSW have been productively using the various planning layers already on Mosaic, and now users in VIC can see zoning plus every overlay and the urban growth boundary. Across both states, the base map shows roads, water, and public transport and can be enhanced with statewide aerial imagery, cadastre boundaries, elevation contours, and suburb/LGA boundaries.

Just as in NSW, clicking on a location in VIC will pop up a list of applicable planning controls, with convenient links to view the planning scheme documents for zones, overlays, and local schedules. Users won’t have to browse through a long list of PDFs or struggle through an unwieldy online mapping system to understand the controls that apply to a location.

All this powerful Mosaic functionality is now available for VIC as well as NSW:

  • Switch layers on/off by clicking their name, or drag the green slider to make a layer semi-transparent
  • Click the title of a panel or layer group to hide it
  • Click a location or lot to see the cadastre details and planning controls; any other lots on the property will be highlighted
  • Hold Shift while clicking to inspect multiple lots as one, with a total lot area displayed
  • Search for an address or suburb in the search bar
  • Use the measuring tools to measure distance or area; after you double-click to end the line or polygon, it will stay on the map for your reference until you delete it with the trash button
  • Turn Dark Mode on or off to suit your preference, and don’t forget to grab screenshots for documents
  • BYO Nearmap by adding an API key from your account to see the latest imagery

Once you’ve gathered the basic info about a site on Mosaic, call Mecone in NSW or VIC for further advice and statutory planning work.


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