Mosaic GIS Tool

Mecone is proud to announce the launch of the Mosaic GIS tool, an online interactive mapping tool with street and satellite maps, cadastre data, planning controls, Greater Sydney strategic planning info, and much more to come. Mosaic reflects Mecone’s commitment to spatial knowledge of urban planning and the value of technology in answering planning challenges.

Mosaic is free for all users and does not require any registration or login. The included data covers property addresses and lot identifiers, land zoning, FSR, building height, heritage items and areas, minimum lot size, and dwelling density, with more controls to be added soon. The tool is built with natural zooming and panning of the map and quick inspecting of a location or address. When you click on a site, you’ll see a quick summary of the major planning controls and instruments that apply across the site.

Check out Mosaic today to get a basic understanding of the planning context for a location, then give Mecone a call for more detailed planning advice.

You can find the link here or follow the new ‘Mosaic GIS’ tab above.

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