Mosaic New Features

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We’re excited to announce a great new feature on Mosaic, the powerful and easy-to-use web mapping tool created by Mecone.

Mosaic now includes highly detailed elevation contours overlaid on the same map as planning controls, cadastre boundaries, and aerial imagery. These elevation contours will give you an intuitive understanding of the landform of a site or area without having to make a site visit. Although this data doesn’t replace the need for a detailed survey, it will provide a useful first impression when searching for sites or locations.

Mecone’s Mosaic tool is already helping thousands of people make faster and better decisions in planning and property. The addition of elevation data, in this fully free no-registration tool, makes Mosaic the natural first stop for your research. If you’ve got more detailed planning questions after checking Mosaic, our consultants are ready to assist you.

Let us know how you’re using Mosaic and what improvements you’d like to see! Have you tried switching Dark Mode on/off yet?

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