Interim Development Controls for Fishermans Bend in Melbourne

The Minister for Planning has announced interim development controls for Fishermans Bend, focusing on social housing and smart design for the 80,000 people projected to live in the area.

Developers wanting permits taller than 12 storeys will be encouraged to include 6% social housing and make at least 30% of all apartments 3 bedroom.

In the Lorimer and Montague neighbourhoods, buildings taller than 12 storeys are encouraged to include at least 15% floor space for non-residential use (e.g. retail, commercial or community use).

Mandatory height limits and mandatory building setbacks will be applied to every existing development application under assessment and will be in place until the final neighbourhood plans are set in late 2018.

The height controls remain unchanged from the previous controls (ranging in height from 6 to 40 storeys) but are now mandatory. Minimum mandatory setbacks are now applicable, being 10m from a street and 10m from boundaries or the centreline of an adjoining laneway. There is also a 20m setback between towers within a site.

There are a number of existing town planning applications currently under assessment in Fishermans Bend. The mandatory controls will require revision of those existing applications. This adds to uncertainty via a constantly changing planning policy landscape in Fishermans Bend. After a number of false starts, we hope that the re-cast Vision for Fishermans bend, and the implementation of that vision in the coming years, will finally provide a clear vision and robust planning framework for the sustainable redevelopment of Australia’s largest urban renewal area for many years to come.

Click here for more information on the new controls under Planning Scheme Amendment GC50.


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