ILUTP Presentation

Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning in Sydney

On the 4th of May, Ben Hendriks presented a guest lecture at UTS, providing a history and overview of Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning in Sydney.

Throughout Sydney’s history, its growth has been inextricably linked with the growth of its public transport network. Mecone’s presentation on integrated land use and transport planning in Sydney tells four high-level interlinked stories:

  • the historical patterns of growth in Sydney;
  • the important role public transport has had in facilitating this growth;
  • some of the key challenges to Sydney’s growth in the future; and
  • questions around whether Sydney has the planning capacity to accommodate the forecast growth and an outline of how new transport projects can assist by unlocking the potential for growth.

This presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the image on the right or this link.



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