Greater Sydney Commission to guide future planning across Sydney

NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes announced yesterday the proposed structure of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC), which will soon be responsible for the co-ordination of Sydney’s metropolitan planning, in partnership with state and local government.


The Greater Sydney Commission will consist of 13 appointees, and will include for the first time an Environment Commissioner, Economic Commissioner, and Social Commissioner. A Commissioner from each of Sydney’s six newly created metropolitan ‘districts’ will also be appointed to the GSC, with the chosen member to be elected by their local districts. To ensure an all of government approach, the Commission will also include one appointee from the Department of Planning & Environment, Transport for NSW and the NSW Treasury.


Once established, the Commission’s first task will be to assist in finalising the six district plans, and take over the functions of the Sydney Joint Regional Planning Panels, including current assessments and pre-gateway reviews. The Commission will also conduct all decision-making and plan-making on rezoning proposals that are currently assessed by the Minister (or delegate).


The Commission will also take the lead for monitoring and implementing the actions of the Sydney Metropolitan Plan, A Plan for Growing Sydney. The timing of the announcement provides enormous opportunity to strengthen the partnership between local governments and the State in planning for future growth in their communities, with the Fit for the Future reform package also due to be rolled out in the coming months.




























Source: A Plan for Growing Sydney

What does this mean for the industry?

The creation of the Greater Sydney Commission will assist in providing a level of consistency of planning controls across local government boundaries, which in turn will assist developers plan and deliver development across boundary lines

  • Provide an avenue for council Local Environmental Plans to be regularly reviewed, and ensure that Plans are able to achieve the actions in A Plan for Growing Sydney
  • Regional and district plans established by the Commission will now need to be considered when amending local plans, improving the implementation and final delivery of regional strategies, and
  • Provide a non-political avenue from which rezoning proposals can be assessed against regional (and not just local) priorities


What can Mecone offer?

  • Expert advice in navigating planning proposals through new planning frameworks
  • Assistance in identifying development opportunities and sites that will benefit from a renewed focus on regional level strategic planning.


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