GPOP Place-based Infrastructure (PIC) Pilot

The Greater Sydney Commission last week released the findings of its GPOP Place-based Infrastructure (PIC) Pilot, which the Commission describe asa strategic planning model that looks holistically at a place to better align growth with the provision of infrastructure and services”.

The outcomes of the PIC recommend the prioritisation of growth in GPOP where it can be aligned with committed or existing infrastructure, such as around the Parramatta CBD, Westmead, and Wentworthville. This is supported by a range of infrastructure proposals which would be required to support additional growth, over a range of sectors including environment and water, cultural infrastructure, education, health, housing, justice and transport.

For further understanding of how the GPOP PIC affects your development site, contact our planners at or call (02) 8667 8668.




Images courtesy of Greater Sydney Commission

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