Discussion Paper: Kickstarting the productivity conversation


The NSW Productivity Commissioner has released a Discussion Paper to shape the productivity reform agenda for NSW titled Kickstarting the productivity conversation, which aims to commence a conversation about how the NSW Government can best support continued growth in living standards in the years ahead.  The Discussion Paper was partly informed by Mecone research regarding the NSW planning system and how it compares to the planning systems of Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia on a number of topics, development approval pathways and timeframes in particular.

The Discussion Paper identifies six priority areas with potential to boost productivity in NSW:

  1. Building human capital for a modern and evolving economy
  2. Reliable, sustainable and productive use of our water and energy
  3. Smart ways to get more from our infrastructure
  4. Modernising our tax system to help our economy grow
  5. Planning for the housing we want and the jobs we need, and
  6. Forward looking regulation to support competition and innovation.

Submissions on the Discussion Paper close on 27 November 2019. A link to the paper can be found here.

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