COVID-19 and Mecone

Mecone is responding daily to the ever evolving COVID-19 health crisis and remains committed to working with our valued clients to service their needs, whilst protecting the health of our staff, clients and the broader community.

Our response is guided by advice from Australian Government and will be balanced, measured, but also decisive in the event of any escalations.

Our business remains open and staff are working remotely.  We continue to be available through our normal contact channels.  In accordance with the health advisory from the Australian Government, we are exercising social distancing as a practice for the business, this means –

  • we will be refraining from face-to-face meetings, instead replacing them with video or phone conferencing.
  • work travel and events have been postponed or cancelled.

We are fortunate that Mecone has no current reported suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, should this change we will follow the health advisory requirements.

We will continue to update our response based on information from government. In the meantime, it is business as usual.

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