Mecone Maps Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage Vote

By: Winston Yang

Mecone has spatially mapped the results of Australia’s same-sex marriage vote. Of the five largest capital cities, Sydney has significantly less support for same-sex marriage. A city-by-city review is below, with maps showing the percentage of ‘Yes’ votes.

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A clear east–west divide exists in Sydney, with Western Sydney having the least support for same-sex marriage, except for the outer western areas (i.e. Penrith and Campbelltown LGAs). A large proportion of Western Sydney saw a majority voting against same-sex marriage. This could potentially be attributed to cultural factors. The electorates with a ‘no’ majority generally have larger proportions of migrants, who may hold more conservative views in relation to same-sex marriage.



Melbourne saw a greater support for same-sex marriage than Sydney, with only two electorates with a ‘no’ majority. The greatest support for same-sex marriage was found in the inner areas of the city.



No electorates in Brisbane had support below 50% for same-sex marriage, with the inner area having the highest support.



Similar to Brisbane, no electorates in Adelaide had support below 50% for same-sex marriage, again with the inner area having the highest support.



As with Adelaide and Brisbane, no electorates in Perth had support below 50% for same-sex marriage, with generally high support throughout the metropolitan area.

Rural Australia

Despite a perception that regional and rural Australians hold more conservative views, apart from western Queensland, a majority of rural Australians generally voted in favour of same-sex marriage.


Whilst the ‘Yes’ victory had been predicted, the geographical breakdown of ‘Yes’ vs ‘No’ voters yielded some surprises. Namely, that Western Sydney is the part of Australia that is least accepting of same-sex marriage – far more so than regional and rural Australia. No other major city or rural area had support for same-sex marriage nearly as low as in Western Sydney. Ironically, seats in Sydney’s Labor heartland are the least supportive of same-sex marriage, whilst traditional Liberal strongholds in the city’s east are the most supportive of same-sex marriage. Tony Abbott’s seat, Warringah, reported a significant 75% majority in support for same-sex marriage.

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