Aerotropolis SEPP

Western Sydney will be transformed in future decades by the new Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis and their supporting infrastructure. The NSW Government has been making tremendous efforts to plan for future growth around the airport. A major step was taken this week with the commencement of a new SEPP providing the land use framework and development pathways for the area. Four broad land use zones will allow for flexibility in the way the market responds to the delivery of the airport and transport infrastructure. Strong environmental protections will emphasise and showcase the Parkland aspect of the Western Parkland City as it transitions from rural to urban.

Mecone has been heavily involved in transport and policy projects that will guide positive outcomes for this critical part of Sydney. Mecone’s related engagements have included: land use analysis for Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport, Western Sydney Freight Line, and East–West Rail Link; assurance review for councils’ Local Strategic Planning Statements; and lending expertise to the Western Parkland City Authority. In addition to working with governments, Mecone has already advised numerous private landowners and developers on land use potential in the area.

Mecone’s Mosaic mapping tool, widely used across the planning and property industries, has been updated to show key maps from the new SEPP including land zoning, heritage items, and flood extents. Take a look at the new maps now at and contact Mecone for further advice on policy or development potential in this exciting area.

Aerotropolis Zoning Map

Image courtesy of Mecone

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