20-33 Shepherd Street, Liverpool LEP Amendment Approval

On 3 November 2017, The Department of Planning and Environment approved amendments to the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2008 at 20-33 Shepherd Street, Liverpool.

The amendments increased the maximum height of building and floor space ratio (FSR) controls across the site, and will allow for the revitalisation of the Shepherd Street precinct by Coronation Property. This will include activation of the local heritage ‘Paper Mill’ building, improvements to the Georges River foreshore, and the delivery of up to 1,200 new homes close to transport and jobs in the Liverpool CBD.
Mecone prepared the planning proposal report for the amendments to the Liverpool LEP on behalf of Coronation and worked with the Department of Planning and Environment, Council and other stakeholders to facilitate its progress. Several development applications for the individual towers at Shepherd Street are also in assessment by Council. On 10 November, Council approved the 9 storey extension to the already approved ‘Paper Mill’ tower at 20 Shepherd Street in light of the amendments to the LEP.

Article written by Joseph Bell

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