Committed to the creation of better environments
Mecone is a leading urban planning, policy and development advisory consultancy with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.
Favouring balance between human needs and the natural environment, Mecone provides practical, economically viable and sustainable advice and development services to private sector and government clients.
What is Mecone?

Mecone is a mythical Greek City. Known as the city where humans came into conflict with the gods resulting in the gods taking fire away from humans – humankind’s most precious natural resource.

To us, Mecone represents the need to find balance between human needs and the natural environment. It also represents how humanity benefits from the natural world and how conflicts with the environment can have major impacts.

Why Mecone?

We are highly experienced in the provision of statutory and strategic planning services, policy advice, urban graphics and mapping in New South Wales and Victoria. We are leaders in Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning, having worked on some of the largest and highest profile projects in Australia.

Mecone is selected as a preferred consultant and is placed on the consultancy panels for a number of government organisations including the Department of Treasury, Transport for NSW, Local Government Procurement, Roads and Maritime Services, Barangaroo Delivery Authority and NSW Health for the provision of planning and development advisory services.

We also have strong relationships with private stakeholders, developers, land owners and specialist consultancy firms.

We have long-standing and very good relationships with numerous local Councils and excellent established relationships with State planning authorities in NSW and VIC.

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